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Charles Standing is an enthusiastic urban forager, who goes by the name of The Urban Hunter Gatherer and lurks in Cape Town, South Africa. He is passionate about cooking regional food from his local environment.

    Foraging Tours

    Jocelyn Meyers the executive chef of the exclusive Table Bay Hotel and Charles have teamed up to create a unique and 'total' food experience. They take their guests on foraging tours, in and around the incredible City of Cape Town. Their foraged bounty reflects the history of humans on the southern tip of Africa; from the tasty indigenous plants and coastal delights that indigenous man would have survived on, to the more recognizable edibles brought from the colonies. Jocelyn does her magic with the harvest in the Camissa Restaurant kitchen at The Table Bay Hotel, where the guests are invited to join in, or simply watch her create a three course meal, which they will enjoy later.
Charles also runs his own private tours, which are tailored for clients' wishes.
Bookings on request via email -

    Television Series

    Together with Lucy Leheilleix form South Easter Media and Nic Good from The Fresh Air Crew; Charles has been working on a promo for a television series called The Urban Hunter Gatherer. The focus is on foraging, sustainable living and yummy home style cooking. In a lighthearted and adventurous style the series considers the environmental and health impacts food has in contemporary society.

    "The Urban Feasts"

    From time to time, Harry Melck, Stef Wessels and Charlie host pop-up dinners in unique locations with daring and exciting menus. Again the focus is on foraged food. When these edgy feasts happen, is rather random. When an opportunity presents itself, that's when we feast. Please watch my blog for upcoming feasts.

    Sustainable Kitchen Demo's for business's and corporations

    There is ever increasing pressure on corporations and large businesses to act in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion. This has presented a wonderful platform for The Urban Hunter Gatherer to practically demonstrate a fun, environmentally conscious, and a socially responsible approach towards food. Corporations such as Alan Gray, Old Mutual and the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) have benefited from these demonstrations.

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